Two go wild in Amsterdam II

Oh dear, it's taken me ages to get this page together. Well, you know how it is when you're busy.

Baron B Bear 22/8/99

Café Belgique
Café Belgique--it may be small but it's one of the best biercafés in Amsterdam.

Alien gnomes
You do see some strange characters in this neck of the woods.

Café de Tuin
Café de Tuin, possibly the best watering hole in the Jordaan.

Café de Tuin
Make mine a De Koninck. This is De Blaffende Vis, or Barking Fish.

Café Papeneiland
Me and Babs in Café Papeneiland, probably the oldest café in Amsterdam.

Het Smalle
Het Smalle, another contender for best watering hole in the Jordaan. See if you can find me in the photo.

Juriaans is an excellent café and restaurant.

Schuim (Scum en Engels), the café that's so cool it doesn't have a sign outside.

Sonia's shop
No beer in here--it's Sonia's jewelery studio.

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